100 dating questions to ask

04-Feb-2017 22:22

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What are the types of things you do with these friends? What are the characteristics you look for in a friend? How likely is it that you will both live the life you want if your dream is a house in the suburbs with 2.4 kids and a dog and he dreams of living aboard a 24 foot sail boat in Bora Bora? Marriage is a much easier road when the two of you share a compatible vision of the life you want.

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What don’t you want others to know about your family? How close do you want to and your spouse to be with your family? Smart couples make wise decisions about the friends they choose.

Are you willing, or wanting to, include your spouse in the practice of your faith?

What have you learned from your parents that you are proud of? What mistakes did your parents make that you have decided not to repeat? What do you picture in your mind when you think if a family of your own? What traits do you have that will make you a good daughter or son-in-law, sister or brother-in-law, wife, husband, mother or father?

” The following questions will help you discover those areas where the two of you are compatible and those areas where you are not.

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Great marriages evolve when two people have agreed on the direction they want their lives to take and the life style they want to live. To lead a healthy life, we must have healthy bodies. What do you do to ensure you continue your spiritual growth and development? Do you volunteer your time and efforts to worthy causes? Do you give financially to faith-based organizations? Thus, the more you both understand how you are influenced by your upbringing, and can share that information with each other, the better you can understand your similarities and differences.

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