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George Chalmers (1773‑1836), a plumber in Edinburgh, left the residue of his estate, amounting to around £30,000, to the Dean and Faculty of Advocates for the purpose of founding a ‘New Infirmary or Sick and Hurt Hospital’.

In 1854, once the funds had accumulated to £70,000, Lauriston Housewas purchased with seven and a half acres of land behind it extending down to the meadows.

They constitute a sizeable reference section in themselves.

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At the core of the present hospital site are the three remaining villas, of simple classical style, and a gate lodge with good decorative ironwork. Canaan House became the administration department and various hospital blocks were constructed on the site, mostly by Auldjo Jamieson & Arnott, between 19.Designed as a convalescent home, it developed to provide for patients who required longer care and supervision after illness or surgery and to build up patients’ strength before treatment.It became a leading rehabilitation centre and established a pioneering training school for occupational therapy.The individual columns along the driveway were originally used as gas-lights; the hole through the shafts for the flow of gas can still be seen.

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