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Once she's properly "woke" she returns to her job with every intention of saving the world as a whistleblower.

Laura Dern is excellent and the show can safely be marked as ahead of its time despite debuting in 2011.

Updated for March 2018 When Amazon decided to kick its original programming into high gear, they first turned to comedies.

Transparent is the elder statesmen of comedy shows on Amazon and really in all of streaming.

They're a classic odd couple pairing with the added caveat that they both would form an odd couple with pretty much any other person on Earth.

As a matter of fact, we tend to think is a truly funny show and is somehow getting even better as seasons go along.Both were good but it's Amazon's newest effort starring never ignores the violent absurdity that made Ben Edlund's original comic so viable.Only the pilot is available currently but the full first season has been picked up and should be arriving sometime this year.Julia Louis Dreyfuss rightfully picks up every comedy acting award in existence but the rest of the ensemble is equally impressive.