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21-Apr-2017 19:32

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-Don't tell me what to do -Don't make me (and others) feel uncomfortable -No begging or demanding -Don't be quiet -ALWAYS say hi!

-Don't be rude and think this is your room, it's not!

She’s also a partial male sex dolls – head, torso, arms, but no legs.

She’s lighter than her full-body sisters, but she’s just as fun and functional, in every way. She has a fully articulating internal skeleton, just like our other dolls.

Once you have me alone, you won’t be able to keep your hands off me.

It’s a good thing we’re in the shower – if we make a mess, we’re in the perfect place to clean it up!

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Maybe you should crack a window – it might be rainy outside but indoors, it’s heating up!She laughs when she sees you – she locked herself out, she was going to surprise you, but she got thirsty.The nice dress she’s partly wearing is hiked up to show off her astoundingly sculpted legs and her beautiful behind.It’s coming down in sheets and there’s no signs of it letting up.

You’re stuck inside your charming, rustic cabin, with a cozy fire going, and all alone with sultry Sophie. Sophie’s not going to let this bad weather ruin her day, and wears her saucy bathing suit anyway. Sophie is an amazing, tall drink of water – a life-like real life sex dolls with a fleshy body and skin that feels amazingly realistic.

She has a built-in skeleton that supports her and allows you to pose and position her in every naughty way you can imagine.