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31-Jan-2018 00:10

These inaccuracies in turn frustrate the development of archaeological chronologies and, in the Paleolithic, blur the dating of such key events as the dispersal of anatomically modern humans.

Here we describe a method to date hydroxyproline found in collagen (∼10% of collagen carbon) as a bone-specific biomarker that removes impurities, thereby improving dating accuracy and confidence.

This date is significantly older than all previous determinations.

There is independent evidence for the age of the burial, based on the excavated sequence at Kostenki. Rogachev (21, 22), the excavator, rejected any possibility for the burial to be attributed to cultural layer III, which is dated to ∼28.3–31.7 ka BP (19).

We have applied the technique to a set of important anatomically modern human bones from the Early and Mid-Upper Paleolithic of Russia.

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Mixed-mode HPLC extraction of Hyp could prove very useful in dating bone with too little surviving collagen to be datable by the bulk collagen method.

The Kostenki 14 (Markina Gora) human skeleton excavated near Voronezh, Russia (Fig.

Archaeological bones are usually dated by radiocarbon measurement of extracted collagen. In Oxford, we have used ultrafilters to improve the recovery and quality of collagen. Sometimes, however, ultrafiltration is not good enough to completely decontaminate bone prior to dating. In some cases a combination of low.… continue reading »

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Investigation of amino acids in fossils over the past thirty years has revealed that residual amino acids may exist in fossils from throughout the Phanerozoic portion of the geologic column, that the amino acid pattern in a given fossil changes with age due to differences in stability among the twenty amino acids of which.… continue reading »

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O0 242 BADA racemization has been detected in fossils and in the metabolically stable proteins of living mammals, and it has been suggested that racemization might form the basis of a dating method that can be used to determine the age of amino acids in these systems. Racemization is a reversible first-order reaction.… continue reading »

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