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When preparing for the second season, she extended an invitation to Lizzie, Mitty, and Annie to join the second season, turning the single-player series into a semi-multiplayer series called Enchanted Oasis.

The girls usually recorded on their own in the server and then come together in a few episodes to face new things and challenges together.

She met him at a gaming convention, Game Fest, and was "wooed" by his dancing skills.

She also owns a cat named Buddy and a dog named Meri.

Lizzie has dyed her hair over 10 times most of which being pink, the hair color she is most known for. She doesn't want her full name to be revealed, but she has revealed that it starts with a "D" as in LD.

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Currently, Lizzie is winning with 14 victories and Joel having only 4 victories.

In her first Ultra Hardcore series, she was on a team with Vikkstar123HD, and Child Dolphin. Then, due to lag issues, Lizzie died in the same episode a few minutes later.

Vikk died after the carnage, ending their team's chance at victory.

Lizzie is also taking part in UHshe season 8 with her partner Stacy Plays.

Lizzie and her now fiancé, Joel, are currently in a competition with each other.Lizzie studied Computer Animation and Visualisation at Liverpool University.As stated before, she also is dating fellow British gaming You Tuber, Smallish Beans, who proposed to her in November 2017.Their objective is to be the last one to survive, but really, they all just have fun and build lots of creative things!

Mar 25, 2016. WOAH GUYS SO HONESTLY I WAS EXPECTING A NORMAL ANIMAL JAM EXPERIENCE, BUT THEN I GOT THIS CRAZY IDEA I SHOULD SET UP RANDOM COUPLES IN ANIMAL JAM AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Pretty great, right? However, as always, things got WEIRD. Watch to see what happens! ;.… continue reading »

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