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The following titles form part of the huge collection of ebooks freely downloadable from Project Gutenberg Australia. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ... The lyddite will soon bring them to their senses, once they are fairly bottled up in a town, with the bricks and stones tumbling about their ears. New Zealand was merely a materialistic paddock for mutton and beef and butter. His grey-headed editor had always told him he would be called to Sydney.

Follow the links to read more about the authors and titles and to read and/or download the ebooks. All the Boers have fled to the Vaal--probably across it, without stopping, to Johannesburg and Pretoria. To many who read my account of our amazing adventure on the island of the Gland Men, it will serve as just another illustration of how devious is the path of science.

Our passage, you may have heard by the first ships, was tolerably favourable; but the inconveniences since suffered for want of shelter, bedding, &c., are not to be imagined by any stranger.

However, we have now two streets, if four rows of the most miserable huts you can possibly conceive of deserve that name.

Tupia by Roasting his Coccos very much in his Oven made them lose intirely their acridity; the Roots were so small that we did not think them at all an object for the ship so resolvd to content ourselves with the greens which are calld in the West Indies Indian Kale.

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This is the most interesting section of the Memoir, and is the only part written by William Cox himself.If a traveller, drover or teamster lost his stock, Steve, after a long and arduous search, was invariably the first man to come across the missing animals--provided the reward was high enough.Yet, in spite of this useful gift of discovery, its owner was neither liked nor trusted.Windows they have none, as from the Governor's house, &c., now nearly finished, no glass could be spared; so that lattices of twigs are made by our people to supply their places.