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25-Jun-2017 07:50

Ali, who snagged last week's solo date, felt betrayed that Jake was taking anyone else out at all (has she ever watched TV?) but was particularly perturbed that it was Vienna.But with his engagement in tatters and rumours she ends the show without picking a suitor, the path may well be clear for a reconciliation.Fans have already started an online campaigning to encourage them to get back together, with one viewer, Kathy Hall, writing: 'You two were made for each other."I think of myself as very attractive and Vienna is totally opposite of who I am as far as what I see on the outside," Michelle said.

All of the Vienna-bashing has left him so disheartened that he cuts the date short.I have to admit that when she first proudly introduced herself as a daddy's girl who had crashed a bunch of cars, I thought she seemed pretty trashy.However, I really felt bad for her in Monday's episode when all the girls seemed to have it in for her.I want Jake to come back on the show and see that love flow.' Another, Ann Wilson, adds: 'Ali should give Jake another chance...

they seem perfect for each other.'When quizzed about a reunion in an interview with People magazine this week, she denied it was a possibility. That's not going to happen,' she said while giggling. That's something I can be sure of.'Meanwhile, Jake's split from Vienna has really turned nasty, with the pair trading barbs while taping a 'closure' interview with Bachelor host Chris Harrison earlier this week. possibly the only spontaneous thing he's done in his life.Afterward, he happily gave her a rose, saying, "I know she's here for the right reasons." After everything that happened with Rozlyn last week, Jake seems a little dejected.There's no reason to hand out any positive reinforcement.