Are you dating a loser

08-Aug-2017 01:37

Wishing you continued courage and strength…we’re rooting for you!

Reply Beth, I was alarmed when saw the publish date.

While he was not physically abusive, he raged at me when I questioned his behavior or disagreed with him, called me immature, insecure, or overly sensitive when I reacted to his criticism or judgements of me and was dismissive of my opinions and emotions that were inconvenient to him.

He also lied about his age, would not let me see where he lived, and had serious financial troubles.

He is trying to suck me back into the relationship. Just take it day by day until you feel yourself getting your strength back.

I’m sorry you still have to deal with your Ex after all this time. It’s clear the article is a way of identifying not only “losers” but controlling, abusive, and manipulating individuals.Reply I saw so many of these things, even felt uneasy about them, but thought it would work anyway.And now, 23 years (and several children) later, I am finally out and trying to repair/rebuild (and help my children do so as well).At the end, he was also telling me how I made him feel – which were all of the ways an N makes a victim feel. He was cheating on me and making me feel like his cheating was my fault.

Are you dating a loser, You know youre right he insists he is. After you look it up online and discover that you are correct, your guy Tallies up what we each owe.… continue reading »

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Warning Signs You Are Dating A Loser. Are you dating a loser? Find out right away! #1. He will not pay bills. He doesn’t pay for dinner. You are the.… continue reading »

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