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Rizal’s deeds are priceless, we should be thankful that we had a hero like him who is willing to sacrifice all his comforts and die just to save our motherland and our fellowmen. There are many folk tales about the so called “aswang” but this one is more interesting because it has relation to the modern happening in a typical family in the province nowadays, because of poverty, one member of a family leaves to go abroad to find their luck there even their lives are at risk and they don’t have any idea what kind of life they will face there.

Like maria, she never knew that the person she is taking care of has curse of a vampire that was immediately transferred to her after the person was died.

We can be like a molave the toughest tree in the country that can fight for our country and stand for it with all our hearts.

Mother’s Break This poem is very inspiring because it show the sacrifices, responsibilities of being a mother.

Soledad This is a story of a girl who give all even her body for love and she was judge by others because of what she did. It is our nature to judge and make stories about other people.

Don’t forget the native land, where you are born and grew.

Happiness is not about we can afford what we want, it is not about our material things, yes we could be happy if we have what we want, but that happiness will last for an hour or weeks. And it is happier if we share our laughs with others.

We live to stressful a planet, we are surrounded with problems, laughing is the only way to escape from all of those problems that we have.

Her everlasting love will cuddle you and comfort you wherever you go.

This poem is a must read poem if you never appreciate the hardwork of a mother. You have 24/7 job without salary, dayoff, cash bonuses compare to other jobs.No matter how hard the circumstances, they are facing it with support of each member of the family and don’t let problems destroy the joyful living of the family.Living a simple life with laughters and joy is enough.The town people should stop condemning the girl but they should help her and give her sympathy.

By Joy Heinrich, University of Southern Mississippi Did you know that the Philippines are split into three different regions? The three regions are called.… continue reading »

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