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That simply means they may have been regripped and in some cases, reshafted.

Often iron and wedge heads may have had the engravings paint filled or faces re-sandblasted.

In this exhibition, Sunil Shah explores very personal themes linked to his family's roots and heritage as U...

Central Gallery Borrowing the title from writer Gary Younge's book with the same name, this exhibition reflects on the way in which our identities can be defined by bureaucratic systems devoid of individual stories. Mezzanine Gallery (First Floor) Uganda Stories is both a subjective journey to recollect the past and a study in photography's documentary potential to reassemble history.

It was not curiosity that gave birth to New Art Exchange it was 'urgency' and when the dust settled and consolidated curiosity flourished., Today I would like to share our journey, our journey and quest to seek, share and create knowledge from a p...

Images are available on NAE's Flickr account , Most recent releases:, 2017, Keith Piper, Unerathing the Banker's Bones, March 2017, UNTITL...

I was struck by two things when I saw one of the four stellar sold-out theatre performances of Mon0lisa Productions', A Tale of Two Woman at New Art Exchange last week.

She didn\'t notice the old voyeur who hid behind the curtains and watched her all the time.

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She begged him to stop and tried to free herself from his grasp, but he firmly pressed her to the floor and began fucking her mouth and rubbing her tight pussy with his middle finger.

Clarissa was used to his caresses, but this time she stroke her not like his friend, but like a woman and when she tried to tear from his hands, he torn off her clothes and forced her to please his wrinkled cock with all three of her fuck holes.