Blake lively and penn badgely dating

29-Aug-2017 12:36

Despite their often public displays of affection, the pair mostly remained mum about their relationship, with Lively telling recently, “I don’t comment on my relationships. stars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley dated for three years while filming the show? In celebration of interviewed the cast about their time on the show."They kept the breakup hidden from the crew, which you could never do now. They kept it from everybody which is a testament to how good they are as actors.

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"Our relationship was a part of that and helped us through it.

After they split, though, their characters were still an item, which Penn recently admitted was a little weird.

While appearing on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” the 28-year-old “Cymbeline” star was asked about his best on-screen kiss. In our opinion, though, Penn’s admission is actually kind of a compliment to Blake.

Penn went on to insist that he and Blake were “consummately professional” during the last two years of “Gossip Girl,” which they filmed after breaking up.

“I think we should both pat ourselves on the back for getting through it — because, you know, anything is complicated in that way, and we handled it,” he said.

"At the time, I was wearing the same clothes and doing fashion shoots, and dating the same person that my character was dating — or sometimes that person [Dan] was my brother, you never know with Serena — and because of that, what people were projecting onto me was that I was Serena," Blake told .

Aug 30, 2017. Gossip Girl cast members Jessica Szohr, Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester, and Taylor Momsen, photographed. For the first few seasons of the show, Lively was dating Badgley—their characters dated on the show, as well—but the two were careful to keep the.… continue reading »

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Oct 28, 2010. It looks like life is imitating art for Blake Lively and Penn couple have ended their three-year relationship, just like their onscreen characters Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey.… continue reading »

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May 10, 2013. Penn Badgley has described his relationship with Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively as a "learning experience". The duo dated off screen for some time before ending their romance in 2010, though Badgley insisted that they were "ultimately professional" on set. Gossip Girl S06E09 'The Revengers'.… continue reading »

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Aug 30, 2017. Blake Lively opens up about her 3-year relationship and subsequent breakup with Penn Badgley during their "Gossip Girl" days in a new "Vanity Fair". “At the time, I was wearing the same clothes and doing fashion shoots, and dating the same person that my character was dating — or sometimes that.… continue reading »

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