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03-Jun-2017 06:27

Hope this helps someone in the event of the same, or similar problems with updating True OS or at least provides some clues.

pkg info Free BSD-examples Free BSD-examples-12.0.s20170121141038 Name : Free BSD-examples Version : 12.0.s20170121141038 Installed on : Thu Feb 9 2017 GMT Origin : base Architecture : freebsd:12:x Prefix : / Categories : base Licenses : BSD2CLAUSE Maintainer : [email protected] WWW : https://

‘pkg update’ required pkg-static: Repository trueos-major cannot be opened. I left it updating overnight, and it still was not finished in the morning.

‘pkg update’ required sudo pkg update Password: Updating trueos-base repository catalogue… Fetching meta.txz: 100% 1 Ki B 1.5k B/s Fetching packagesite.txz: 100% 6 Mi B 2.0MB/s Processing entries: 100% trueos-major repository update completed. pkg search Free BSD-examples Free BSD-examples-12.0.s20170205134406 examples package pkg info Free BSD-examples pkg-static: No package(s) matching Free BSD-examples branches - List available system branches chbranch - Change to new system branch check - Check for system updates showeol - Show end of life (support) date for this release install , - Install system updates pkgcheck - Check for updates to packages pkgupdate [-f] - Install packages updates (-f to force) syncconf - Update PC-BSD pkg configuration confcheck - Check PC-BSD pkg configuration cron - Perform delayed check for system and pkg updates. This was a problem because while in updating mode, app like Qupzilla immediately close after launching.

Doing the following however, did result in a BE which now claims to be up-to-date via both terminal and Sys Admin gui Update-Manager (just in case there should have been any conflicts there, however unlikely.

It has survived three reboots : )) All the following was completed via a terminal in Lumina Desktop.

Will try again before reporting, just in case there’s something I’m missing to do. I’m now at a stage where I’m certain the old (*208 (??

I’ll head over to as you suggest if I’m still in the same predicament. )) freebsd-examples has been deleted I re-created a new Boot Environment ( and assume True OS uses the most recent automatically) deleted Freebsd-examples (which terminal insists it does) run sudo pkg-static install -f freebsd-runtime which seems fine.

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I only point this out as it’d be a game changer for me.

Free Comment : examples package Annotations : Flat size : 665Ki B Description : examples package sudo pkg remove Free BSD-examples (not sudo pkg remove freebsd-examples) I did not run sudo pkg-static install -f freebsd-runtime here (but this was run on previous attempts so I assume must have been installed in the current BE (? Then booted into Lumina opened terminal and: pkg info Free BSD-examples pkg-static: No package(s) matching Free BSD-examples pkg search Free BSD-examples pkg-static: Repository trueos-base missing.