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Thus microfinance must increasingly become an integral component of economic development policies, taking on a broader role than just addressing poverty alleviation as the principal objective.In other words, microfinance banks or providers must be commercially viable in order for the sectoral growth to be sustainable.Recipient of the Nobel Peace prize in 2006, it developed micro-credit into an ever more important instrument in the struggle against poverty.As microfinance evolved, “in many developing countries, the characteristics of both microfinance institutions (MFIs) and traditional banks have converged, with the entry of commercial banks into the field, and MFIs acquiring banking licences,” notes Temenos in Globalization of Microfinance.

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“The four winds of change in microfinance commercialisation, consolidation, competition and regulation – all blow in the same direction.

For-profit microfinance banking means that the organization becomes a not-just-for-profit company, but a lot more, in its responsibility towards the community it operates in.

The Borax Lake archaeological site CA-LAK-36, located near Clear Lake in Lake County, California, is best known for the occurrence of Clovis-like fluted projectile points and bifacially flaked crescents manu- factured from obsidian from the adjacent Borax Lake flow Harrington 1938, 1948. Archaeologists were first made.… continue reading »

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Absolute date for upper area of site. Mostin site series. Several important Early Man sites are located at Clear Lake,160km N of San Francisco. Borax Lake site was excavated by Meighan and Haynes. 1970 and thought to be ca 10,000 yr old. The Mostin site, near Kelseyville. 38° 58' N, 122° 50' W has become one of the.… continue reading »

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Tions, including radiocarbon dating, at CCo- stone contexts, in two Central California. 308 in interior Contra Costa County Fred- localities. In Little Indian Valley,~about 9 rickson 1966. A summary of these findings miles northeast of the Borax Lake site, Orlins follows below while relevant radiocarbon 1971, 1972 found.… continue reading »

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Accordingly, 1 Even Meighan placed the Borax Lake site in the Middle Central though radiocarbon dating is a technique that wasn't available to 56 early researchers at the Borax Lake site, all dates in this article are given in California period, roughly 7000 to 3000 RCYBP, an interpreta- radiocarbon years before present for.… continue reading »

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VII. VIII. Pattern. ~ Criteria for Several Patterns in Central California. Windmiller Pattern. Berkeley Pattern. Augustine Pattern. Borax Lake Pattern. Houx Pattern. The site had been dated by radiocarbon at 2500 B. C. but I had been reluctant to assert contemporaneity with Windmiller though I had left the possibility open.… continue reading »

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