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The cumulative facts and data pointed unmistakably towards a conclusion that I wasn’t entirely comfortable in reaching.” (p.264) Modern historical scholars like Craig Blomberg and N. Wright have advanced the area of historical theology and the study of the claims of the Gospels to exciting new heights.Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation in this matter, John Wright.'” “Something from beyond the reach of time and space, more fundamental than reality, reached across the universe and broke into my soul and changed me…I was altered down to the root of my being…It was like falling in love.” , is a prime example of what happens when an honest atheist sets out to establish once and for all whether the claims of the Gospels are reliable or not.Strobel writes at the end of his investigation in “I’ll admit it: I was ambushed by the amount and quality of the evidence that Jesus is the unique Son of God… I had seen defendants carted off to the death chamber on much less convincing proof!He replied: —or steps—that move each convert towards belief in God.It also seems that some of these factors are more prominent across the board than others.

Of course not all converts from atheism become Christian or even religious.

I was initially appalled when Christianity began to look like the sensible thing, surprised when I wanted to be baptized, and stunned that I ended up a Catholic.” “I found that my favorite authors were men and women of deep Christian faith. As I turned the pages of this book, I could no longer ignore the Truth, nor turn my back on the Way and the Life.

Little by little, and inch by inch, I found my way back to Jesus Christ and returned to the Catholic Church.” . It has power beyond human comprehension because it is “God-breathed.” God speaks to man in many ways; but especially through prayer and the reading of the inspired Scriptures.

Most atheists believe that modern science has ruled out the possibility of the existence of God.

For this reason, they tag believers with a lack of up-to-date knowledge and critical thinking skills.Thomas Aquinas: that for scientific types who follow only reason, after the grace of God, nothing is as likely to win them back to the faith as the wisdom of St. He showed me how true Christian faith complements and perfects reason; it doesn’t contradict or belittle it.He solved all the logical dilemmas.” “As I taught and thought about the arguments for God’s existence, and in particular the cosmological argument, I went from thinking “These arguments are no good” to thinking “These arguments are a little better than they are given credit for” and then to “These arguments are actually kind of interesting.” Eventually it hit me: “Oh my goodness, these arguments are right after all!Here are eight common factors that lead atheists to change their minds about God: Reasonable atheists eventually become theists because they reasonable; and furthermore, because they are honest. Tolkien above all; and then the poets: Gerard Manley Hopkins, George Herbert, John Donne, and others.