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The lady-centric pitch for her show—it was supposed to be “The Girlie Show,” a showcase for her best friend, Jenna—had been commercialized into TGS, a mediocre SNL ripoff, with low ratings and fart gags.Liz needed Jack because her life was a mess, but their rapport wasn’t primarily based around gender: it was about the cocky powerful suits versus the smug weakling creatives, although this satire was done (for once) with a woman at the center.Massachusetts Tax Preparer Sentenced for Fraud On Sept.28, 2015, in Boston, Massachusetts, Barry Ginsberg, a Peabody tax preparer, was sentenced to 21 months in prison, six months of home confinement and ordered to pay restitution.But then Liz realized that she actually likes Criss and was an idiot to dump him for shallow reasons; i.e., Jack’s reasons. On Valentine’s Day, she and Criss have a fight at and she assumes they’ve broken up. “You wanted a table, I wasn’t super-helpful, who cares? She’s now paid well (while Liz used to be bad with money, she’s now outright rich) and she’s more chill and she’s getting laid with a handsome, nice guy. In fact, the show seems to recognize how good her life has become, because they brought in the excellent Kristen Schaal as a female intern who is so impressed by Liz she wishes she could wear her lips as a mask. Still, maybe the best thing about Liz Lemon is that all her idiosyncrasies—her sourness, her prudishness, her love of “The Real Housewives”—don’t have to mean as much, anyway.

Someone needs to speak up for the Lemon, and for the Fey. That was what was enthralling, and even revolutionary, about the character.

Sure, Liz had tiny moments of triumph—as when she showed Jack how hard it was to be an actor—but she lost most battles from the start, because that’s the nature of network TV: compromise, compromise, compromise.