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In 1998 Leakey’s team also discovered in timing as well as in location.

One paleontological study, published in 2015, revealed the presence of primitive tools in rocks near Lomekwi that dated back some 3.3 million years, raising the possibility that toolmaking originated with Laetoli, where specimens range from 3.8 to 3.5 mya and include footprints preserved in volcanic ash dating to 3.6–3.5 mya.

In addition, the ankle and knee are specialized for upright walking.

Other skeletal features are very much like those of later hominins.

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I would also like to thank the University of Toronto students who have assisted with the often tedious work of sorting through the collections.A well-preserved toe bone shows the characteristically bipedal feature of a base designed for hyperextension while walking, and bony protrusions that serve as muscle-attachment sites on the pelvis are similar to those found in more advanced hominins.Interestingly, ; most conspicuous is a thickening of tooth enamel that becomes characteristic of all later hominins.For example, the earliest species, , is humanlike in having small canine teeth and a face that does not project very far.