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25-Jun-2017 12:25

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed chatbots to be a solution to the challenge of app overload.If the vision of conversational interfaces holds true, major changes are in store for the field of HCI.This popularity leads to an important question: What implications will the rapid developments and uptake of chatbots have for how we approach the design of interactive systems in HCI?

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The authors of this paper are currently exploring how chatbots may provide youth with support on mental health issues [5].

May 7, 2009. I found Liddora in the adults-only section of—well, since Slate is a family Web site, perhaps I'd better not say. At this Web site, Liddora appears to be the most modest pornbot on offer. She is a "flirtatious storyteller," whereas her colleague Julia is a "highly enthusiastic sex-bot." I couldn't load Julia onto my.… continue reading »

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The use of the turing Test has been very controversial The test was not intended to test a machine's intelligence, only that a machine behaves and acts like a human being would when faced with the same situations. As not all human behavior is intelligent, the Turing Test would also test for behaviors like lying, making typing.… continue reading »

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Chatbots are computer programs that mimic conversations with people via audio or text, used to communicate information to users. Sometimes the best way to understand it is to see it in action. You can do so here. There is a spectrum of types of chatbots based on a variety of factors, including platforms they interface with;.… continue reading »

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