Chauvet cave dating controversy

12-Jan-2018 02:59

Painting them, the artists may have believed, allowed the power within to seep into the real world.Wall showing various animals Photo: Time Magazine 13th Feb 1995 Photo: Time Magazine 13th Feb 1995 Other hints of the cave's spiritual role include engravings of two large pubic triangles-symbols of fertility?Cave Lions Photo: Bulletin May 25 1999 This was a mind blowing article which seems to corroborate everything Jean has said about cavebears, horses, bison, cave lions, mammoths, rhinos.From the Bulletin (Australian weekly magazine) May 25 1999 Insert from Newsweek.

On the first try, the scientists cut off the head of what looked like a painting of a bison. Finally they captured the whole animal-it was now looking more like a musk ox or a rhinoceros without horns -and the next day bagged even bigger quarry: painted next to the beast were a lion and a mammoth, powerful animals that are almost as rare in Paleolithic cave art as they are on the streets of Paris. The artist has shown movement by drawing extra legs.

Last week he and a dozen colleagues returned, seeking clues to the social structure, mind-sets and spiritual beliefs of the ancient artists. A string of three chambers, 1,700 feet long, as well as one connecting gallery and three vestibules, are all covered with masterworks breathtaking in their use of perspective (as in overlapping mammoths) and shading, techniques that were supposedly not invented until millenniums later.