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I am a natural sports person and saw dramatic improvement in my other games too.My golf swing is more consistent, accurate and further.They claimed that these shields are going on their cell phones and notebooks without a doubt as they spend so much time talking on the mobile phones and sitting in front of the computer!Even old-time star Chris “The Dragon” John, current World Boxing Association Featherweight Champion successfully defended his world title in Japan on 24th October 2008 for the 10th time earning him the status of Super Champion.When it comes to the opposite sex, it’s about the “chase” and “finish line.” Dog (Chico Benymon, Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story) and Beaver (Leonard Robinson, TV’s Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out) spend their last dime on a nightclub, while Too Cool (Wesley Jonathan, Roll Bounce) devises the ultimate scheme to get women and money — SPEED-DATING!Speed dating is available now for rental, streaming and purchase at all fine vendors. ****** Congratulations to Carroll Morris of Germantown.While meeting up with us, they were attracted by FE’s beautiful premium Quantum Pendants and agreed to do some muscle testing with our Quantum Pendant and comparing with the energy products they are currently using. Devin Mc Courty – New England Patriots La Ron Mc Clain – Baltimore Ravens Jason Mc Courty – Tennesse Titans Jamar Chaney – Philadelphia Eagles Tiquan Underwood – Jacksonville Jaguars Josh Barnette – Mix Martial Arts Champion Chico Benymon, starred in Half & Half, Ali & Speed Dating Chudney Ross (Daughter of Diana Ross), Writer, Model and TV Host with FE Endorser Dr Letitia Wright.

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We’ll be giving away at least one cool prize every week this month so be sure to check your email regularly/ visit our website for info on how to win.It was truly exciting to witness the excitement and amazement the Celebrities show towards our products!Wladymyr Udovychenko, Rita Branch, Paul Ting, Linda Ting and Roger Zamudio Paul Ting with well known actress Bai Ling and Roger Zamudio Printz Board, Musical Director, Producer and Songwriter of the famous band Black Eyed Peas CCH Pounder and her character in Avatar, Moat FOR MORE PHOTOS Fusion Excel welcomes Sports Celebrities from United States!He felt more relax and this enable him to perform better during the world class cooking competition.