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YOU ARE READING Random Maddie Owens is a youtuber who lives a life full of hatred and disgust. " Kat Mc Namara said as she slumped on the seat between me and Joel Courtney, "Tom and Huck- finished! "I'm gonna have some family time in LA, then going to ATL for a new movie to film, Grantham and Rose." I replied. It's hard putting those two together more than best friends.

Will he turn her life around and will he just scar her life forever? Austin "Can't believe we finally finished the movie! He answered, "Well, obviously I'm going to be hanging out with you! Not much to do once you have just finished filming the last scene of an indie film. They've kissed in the film but not out of it, yet they seem inseparable.

As you can see, Justin is wearing the same necklace on both photos. Aswell, for the girl who is kissing Justin in this photo.

Yesterday, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez unfollowed each other on Twitter.

Jasmine Villegas is best known as her portrayal of Justin Bieber's love interest in his music video for "Baby". Her parent's are divorced, she and her big brother use their cousins last name either. So her name is either Jasmine Marie Villegas or Jasmine Marie Vales. Specifically, she is pursuing both acting and singing careers.

The young Filipina and Latina also has an aspiring music career. they are just friends just like he is friends with Selena Gomez. No, Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas are not dating. she look like a nice girl :) idk if she sing good but she pretty. Because it will only say kinda because she was in Justin Bieber's Offical Music Video Baby.By the way..went out and she broke up with him yes Publicity told him to so people would know he's single!! He was famous and she liked him for fame, not himself. Although American-born, she knows some Spanish because of the Mexican cultural heritage of her father, Ryan Villegas.

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The young actress/singer's father, Ryan Villegas, is of Mexican descent.

"You sure slept, man," Joel commented, "Usually, when you sleep that long, something's on your mind. " "Hey, maybe you can go to Disneyland with us tomorrow! I nodded my head and said, "Alright, let's go to Disneyland tomorrow! Family bonding and, hey, now I get to take them to Disneyland! " Ava's face lit and pointed at me, "I knew it they would start dating!

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