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03-Aug-2017 21:31

Meanwhile her 40-something doctor sister (Mann) refuses to have a baby or any form of relationship, before she falls into dating a much younger man.

Finally, a bar wifi thief (Brie), looking for “The One” using dating sites, finds herself with the consequence-free barman… Dakota is the lead role, but it’s also a (disjointed) ensemble – Alison Brie’s role has no real connection to the others (she never shares a scene with them), and halfway through her perspective disappears, replaced by that of the easy-sex barman she bedded with.

Meandering through nighttime streets pulsing with energy and possibility, they fall into a winding and carefree conversation, buoyed by an undeniable attraction.

But are they the right people meeting at the wrong time? In real life Chung and Greenburg got married shortly after shooting completed.

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Reviews have been generally positive, describing ‘Tumbledown’ as a gently romantic, funny and moving portrait of two prickly characters, which eventually succumbs to the usual conventions.

Sequel to the 2002 surprise smash hit, that spawned an ill-fated TV series spinoff in 2003.