05-Aug-2017 10:40

DJ-Media Tools is another our fantastic extension used here.

It's important to remind that DJ-Classifieds is integrated with DJ-Media Tools.

All our Joomla extensions implemented with this template are included for FREE.

On November 7th, early in the morning, we broke the store window of PSP Corp, a manufacturer and distributor of police and security equipment that supplies police forces in the Montreal area.

We select ten most commonly observed scam categories and tag 2,000 scam emails randomly selected from our repository.

Based upon the manually tagged dataset, we train a machine learning classifier and cluster all scam emails in the repository.

We also found that unlike sales scammers, most rental scammers were in the U. The large-scale scam data and in-depth analysis provide useful insights on how to design effective deterrence techniques against cybercrime in general.

We study underground DDo S-for-hire services, also known as booters, and measure the effectiveness of undermining a payment system of DDo S Services.

The demo version contains classifieds with disabled prices (due to the purpose of a template) but you can enable them again.

From the clustering result, we find a strong and sustained upward trend for targeted scams and downward trend for non-targeted scams.

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