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18-Sep-2017 02:15

I am not really sure whether being a Star Trek/Star Wars fan makes someone a geek, or a nerd, but I don't care.It's fun, and I have many friends who also share that common interest. But then I am also a member of the club, so I dunno if it counts.Smart is that way more than I"m a NERD I'm a NERD everywhere. My former bf was a computing science professor He played D&D regularly in University We actually made a character for me and played a game....

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After all, no other day reminds people of the loneliness that comes with not being matched up with another.

So guess the answer is yes, nerds have gf 's, it just is hard for gringas here, it seems...argghh! )I am a bit of a geek because I enjoy Star Trek and can say a few words of Klingon for laughs. It was a good relationship until we discovered that we had different life goals.