Dating bc rich

17-Jan-2018 05:52

The Moser Custom Shop "Moser 10" and the BC Rich Bich "PMS" models are the closest representations of the original pre-1985 BC Rich Rich Bich body design.

The "Moser 10" models have an "M" inlay on the headstock, compared to the HHI/BC Rich "R" headstock inlay.

a 88xxx serial number guitar would have been built in 1984).

but never actually said "made in USA" anywhere either..

The guitar is a strat-shaped, has an unusual floyd rose model and it has only neck locking (not present in the pics though), and has one humbucker and two single coils.

So far I've found similarities with 2-3 bc rich models, the ST-III, Assassin and Gunslinger, but none of them match with this guitar exactly.

Beginning in 1976, the numbers started with the year then the number of production (YYXXX).

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Since more than 1000 guitars were produced many years, the numbers became increasingly inaccurate through the 1980s, ending up about 4 years behind (i.e.

The company started to make electric guitars in the 1970s that were notable for their atypical body shapes. The company briefly switched owners in the 1990s before being acquired in the 2000s by Hanser Music Group, a distribution company based in Hebron, Kentucky. C Rich has since been licensed to Praxis Musical based in Orange, California. A somewhat odd design, ostensibly based on a toilet seat shape, this guitar was designed by Bernie Rico. Early in the 1970s Neal Moser was brought on board to design and supervise the electronics.

Feb 25, 2008. I have been trying to find out what year my BC Rich was made in, as I got it extremely cheap when it was on sale at a 2nd hand shop down here a few.… continue reading »

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Dating B. C. Rich neck-through guitars is relatively easy, although slightly imprecise by the '80s. The first B. C. Rich guitar was stamped “Proto,” beginning in 1972, and subsequent guitars were consecutively numbered beginning 001, 002, etc. These consecutive numbers probably ran up to around 340 or 360, as Rico.… continue reading »

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