Dating frat boys

23-Sep-2017 01:33

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If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to call one yours, and get your name on the holy list to attend the frattiest party of the year: Jeremy’s party at his garden apartment Lakeview – he got a fog machine!

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But then again, frat boys are used to swiping away their problems with no accountability. So don’t question their motives, just praise their greatness, and give them a chance.

By the end of my freshman year, I had almost as few real friends as I did on move-in day. This was not a detailed plan, But it turns out I wasn't alone in wanting better things for myself. Before we go forward, a quick trip back: On freshman move-in day in August 2004, I showed up to my dorm wearing the same clothes I'd worn to my construction job (they were clean, at least) and a walking boot (the result of a manhole cover being dropped on my foot). He'd spent the summer working as a lifeguard, listened to music I didn't know existed, and his body was chiseled. He was also kind, despite the fact that I embarrassed him every time we went out in public. For several months, he came back from his late-night adventures and regaled me with stories that made me blush.

Half the boys in my dorm were on the soccer team, and most of the others wanted to join Greek Life. That first week on campus, I introduced myself during a freshman orientation ice-breaker by saying, "My name is Mike Riggs, I'm from St. He turned me on to good music and the weird writing of Terrence Mc Kenna, and taught me one of my favorite mantras for staying in shape: "Smell the brownies, eat the almonds." When I got food poisoning, he moved my mattress from my bunk to the floor, and recruited a couple of co-eds to coo over poor, sick me.

Two boys seemed like they might hold out; we worked in the cafeteria together and were hall mates. Cloud, Florida, and I'm rooming with this guy," pointing two finger guns at Greg. (Heather and Brittany, wherever you are, thank you for the Robitussin.

Then one day they came back to the dorm wearing letters. It is not actually for food poisoning, but thank you.)When Greg moved into the frat house in the middle of our freshman year, the most interesting part of my college life moved with him.

Cursed with having a bad reputation, frat boys at depaul truly are oppressed.