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24-Jun-2017 14:46

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“We were told this house had to be tended to carefully, and that it needed a grade one architect, which is a load of whallop because it’s just a farmhouse, it’s not government buildings…Conservation is important, but we were trying to embrace new ways as well,” she added.

It’s not the type of modern extension that is common on other historic buildings, which often feature a glassy tunnel-type link connecting the old building with what is essentially a brand new structure.

This is a proper extension — it’s all of one piece.

But you’re also looking at a historic building that has been retrofitted to a building energy rating of A3, a spectacular achievement in anyone’s book.

After all, there are a whole range of challenges involved in trying to undertake a deep energy retrofit on a building like this — and some building conservation experts would argue that you shouldn’t even try to.

BERs range from a G for poor efficiency to an A1 for best efficiency" data-tiptheme="tipthemeflatdarklight"data-tipdelayclose="500"data-tipeventout="mouseout"data-tipmouseleave="false"data-tipcontent="html" class="jqeasytooltip jqeasytooltip73" id="jqeasytooltip73" title="BER" rating was achievable for the whole building, striving for passive house certification would have made no sense because of the physical marriage between a modern high-performance extension envelope and an old-style, solid Type of construction in which individual units such as blocks, bricks or stone are bound together with mortar" data-tiptheme="tipthemeflatdarklight"data-tipdelayclose="500"data-tipeventout="mouseout"data-tipmouseleave="false"data-tipcontent="html" class="jqeasytooltip jqeasytooltip116" id="jqeasytooltip116" title="masonry", minimally insulated structure with traditional sash windows and a four-storey construction that is just one room deep, resulting in all the main rooms having three or four external walls (meaning there is a high surface-to-volume area from which heat can escape).

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