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13-Dec-2017 09:48

The investigating officers believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.

‘There could be hundreds more victims,’ says Detective Constable Derek Farrow, who led the case against Berry.

Like many women of her age, though, she is fully occupied.

She looks after her young children on the South Coast and works in a chandler’s.

So peculiarly unpleasant is his style of operation that most of them remained silent out of embarrassment.

He took £35,000 from his first wife and left his second, the mother of his child, bankrupt.

‘I love challenging sports and thought I would meet a more genuine person than someone who just wanted a date or two,’ she says with a rueful smile.

‘I didn’t upload any photographs on my profile but said I enjoyed sailing, horse riding and had a dog.

'He even had a photograph of him sailing on his profile.’ After weeks of increasingly chatty emails, Sara agreed on a date at nearby Langstone Harbour, along the coast from Portsmouth. ‘He was 6ft 2in, weighed about 20 stone and looked like the cartoon character Shrek,’ she says.The total amount of money he has stolen is incalculable, much like the scale of emotional damage he has wreaked.No one knows how many women he has conned, either, but the victims probably number in the hundreds.He even started crying as he said “please don’t make me go”.’ She shrugs.

‘I agreed he could stay and for the next five days he had me running around after him. 'He also said he wanted to marry me and I felt really excited.4 years ago I have been into Kayak fishing for a couple of years, but for one reason or another (time mainly), I have not written an article on kayak fishing.I hope that will change this year, as I really enjoy fishing from a Kayak.‘He said that he didn’t have very good lungs because he had fallen out of boats so many times and that if he went to hospital he knew from experience they would keep him in for at least a week, which would wreck a business deal.