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02-Feb-2017 09:23

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A SELF-professed ‘sugar baby’ has revealed how she took up with a ‘sugar daddy’ after finding herself ‘poor and desperate’.An anonymous user on Reddit known only by the username lwh5380384 says she advertised for a richer older guy to help pay off her student loan and keep her in education.The leading causes of divorce have traditionally been money problems and sex problems.Financial counselors aren’t trained to help you in the bedroom, though apparently eliminating debt has now turned into a turn-on.That’s according to a 2017 survey of 2,000 millennials by the finance company So Fi.Wow, remember when the worst thing about a new relationship was having to divulge you’d done 10 years in San Quentin State Prison?In essence, they are saying that when it comes to financial matters, they would rather date Harvey Weinstein than anyone like themselves.That wouldn’t be such a big deal if financial issues weren’t a cornerstone of any serious relationship.

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It seems 10% of them think it’s a number financial institutions assign them at birth.The woman reveals she thought the lifestyle would be ‘easy’ and about ‘manipulating men and taking their money’.Naively, she thought the lifestyle wasn’t about the exchange of sex when she first met and started talking to potential sugar daddies online.“My first sugar daddy is an old man who is literally at the age of my grandpa, actually a 63 [year] old retired engineer in LA. She went on to reveal that her sugar daddy had three sugar babies, all of which he expected sex from.

Apr 9, 2013. 50% of singles have stopped dating someone else because of a partner's lack of money. 75% of singles would. It may seem super selfish to say this, but I'm not really into changing my lifestyle and waiting around for someone to pay off their debt, so that we can start a life together. I've done the waiting.… continue reading »

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Jan 3, 2018. In a survey by the finance company LendEDU, 30.5% of respondents said credit card debt was a critical factor in deciding whether to date someone. Almost 24% said a low credit score would turn them off to a potential partner. Welcome to the New Dating Game, kids. When two young would-be lovers now.… continue reading »

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Jan 27, 2018. A former 'sugar baby' has revealed what life was really like dating a 63-year-old man for money and urges others not to be under any false illusions.… continue reading »

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