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He could approach any girl, then get her super into him. About half-way through the movie everything changes. And when she rejects him, he goes as far as JUMPING IN FRONT OF A MOVING CAR TO STOP HER WHILE SHE’S IN TRAFFIC. After ALLLL the nonsense that Hollywood was teaching you with this movie, they top it off with the ultimate cherry on top. You want to know how women Dude, I just I went to a happy hour at a local bar, and used the tips from that Life Raft video…

This movie made sure that Valentine’s Day will never go away, and probably SAVED the bouquet-of-flowers business.

Also, you should be gauging your comfort level with her.

If you genuinely feel comfortable with her, she is most likely feeling comfortable with you.

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As long as she is comfortable with you, ANY of these styles will work. It isn't the kiss close 'mechanics' that will determine your success; it is her trust and comfort level that will.

Kiss closes have higher success rates on 2nd or 3rd dates because most women need to feel comfortable around you before they give you the green light to tongue wrestle.

But don't wait until date 39 to make your move, or she may think you're not sexually interested in her. Throughout each date, you should be gauging her comfort level with you.

If your dates have been relaxed evenings drinking wine and discussing art, then shoving your tongue down her throat and groping her melons isn't going to win you points. So I've attempted the kiss close and she turned her face away and said no! Don't try to rush her, pressure her, or push the issue.

Just pull away with a confused look on your face as if to say "what's the deal? And if nothing has happened physically, or sexually by the end of the 2nd date… I walked away with sooo many new insights on how “dating” really worked (…or did I? At that point I’m gonna do some serious journalling and reflection to see where I can improve my game. Consider it an off-night, and a chance to improve your game. But there two rules that MUST BE followed when attempting the kiss close.