Dating websites for conscious living

27-Feb-2017 07:58

US based, its images have a nostalgic retro quality.

The blog’s tranquil vibe is subtly inspiring; don’t be surprised if you emerge from a trawl with a whole new aesthetic for making-over that troublesome space at home.

St Jude’s Fabrics This web shop from printmaker and textile designer Angie Lewin specialises in fabrics and printed items like wallpaper, though you’ll also find some furniture upholstered in her signature prints.

Along with Lewin’s work you can also buy pieces by young designers she works with and products are of superior quality across the board.​ Bold & Noble For affordable hand printed screen prints, many with a typographical bent, it’s worth a visit to Bold & Noble.

Home Shopping Spy Penned by Ideal Home’s style editor, this is a good site to visit when you’re looking for shopping inspiration.

The blog features a nicely edited selection of new products, stores and decorating tips and is ideal when you’ve had enough of the personal updates to which some blogs are prone.

Desire to inspire With co-creators as far apart as Ottawa, Canada and Brisbane, Australia, Desire to Inspire knows no global boundaries and this is reflected in its content.Remodelista Part magazine, part sourcebook, Remodelista has editorial contacts worldwide and its mix of stories reflect this global reach.Along with beautiful homes, it features new shops, the best products from lighting to loo roll holders, and plenty of get-the-look advice – all on a global scale.Handmade objects do feature heavily but there’s nothing church-fair about it; instead it’s stylish, warm, inclusive and personal. British interior style maven Abigail Ahern is also a prolific blogger, with regular updates and a personal style to her writing that matches her quirky approach to interiors.

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