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The Usumacinta-Grijalva beach-ridge plain in southern Mexico - A high-resolution archive of river discharge and precipitation.

Proceedings of the Geologists Association, 128 (2), (pp.

A staged geogenetic approach to underwater archaeological prospection in the Port of Rotterdam (Yangtzehaven, Maasvlakte, The Netherlands) - A geological and palaeoenvironmental case study for local mapping of Mesolithic lowland landscapes.

The "Anthropocene" and "the Present is the Key to the Past". Rocha, João Pais, José Carlos Kullberg & Stanley Finney (Eds.), STRATI 2013 - First International Congres on Stratigraphy.

Preservation of meandering river channels in uniformly aggrading channel belts.

Journal of Coastal Research Koster, K., Stafleu, Jan & Cohen, K. Holocene evolution of tidal systems in The Netherlands - Effects of rivers, coastal boundary conditions, eco-engineering species, inherited relief and human interference. Holocene palaeo DEMs for the Rhine valley and delta plain, the Netherlands and Germany. * Proglaciation and periglaciation in NW Europe's low lands.

Part of my time is allocated to cooperations with Deltares and TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands, working on the above topics, lining up activities overthere with the research at Utrecht University.

De vorming van het land - Geologie en geomorfologie. Utrecht: Perspectief Uitgevers, Completely revised 7th edition; continuation of Berendsen, H.

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