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I wear that overcorrection more than my "real" one so I don't think thats the issue. Just experienced my first foray into bifocals; and I must say the experience is exhilarating! Failed my vision screening in the 5th grade and subsequently went to an optometrist and was diagnosed with nearsightedness. I wanted glasses so bad I was so happy on the inside that my eyes were nearsighted.But they are different frame styles, slightly different lens sizes... Was prescribed glasses for distance only and parents did not want me wearing them.A description on how colonization occurs and how the oral microbiome dynamically evolves throughout the host's life is given.In this chapter the authors also address oral and nonoral conditions in which oral microorganisms may play a role in the etiology and progression, presenting the up-to-date knowledge on oral dysbiosis as well as the known underlying pathophysiologic mechanisms involving oral microorganisms in each condition.What's yours I wonder how much farther over I could go... Sarah , Glasseslover my real Rx ia L -4.75 0.75 85 R -5 -0.25 15.I'm waiting on -2.25 over pair from hoping I can wear comfortably. pid=2718&ccode=c1 The Coastal ones giving me trouble, in white clear: https:// What's yours I wonder how much farther over I could go... Glasses Lover , Sarah, that's very exciting to hear that you're wearing-1.75 over!!!So..actual prescription: OD: -4.25 -0.25 109 OS: -4.75 -0.50 171 My glasses I've worn for the past couple years: OD: -5.00 -0.25 109 OS: -5.75 -0.50 171 And now..latest that I received from Firmoo yesterday: OD: -6.50 -0.25 109 OS: -7.00 -0.50 171 1.00 read Vision is perfect! Bifocals we're easy to adjust to as they sit on my face now and I'm looking thru the add portion of the lens as I write this on my mobile device.Distance has been the clearest I've ever remembered! The lens are a regular 1.50 index so there is decent thickness to them and they stick out of the frame quite a bit with plenty of power rings and the lined bifocal is pretty obvious as well!

They are both the same Rx - bumped up -1.75 from my "real" Rx.

In oral pathology, oral microorganisms are associated with several diseases, namely dental caries, periodontal diseases, endodontic infections, and also oral cancer.

In systemic diseases, nonoral infections, adverse pregnancy outcomes, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes are among the most prevalent pathologies linked with oral cavity microorganisms.

The knowledge on how colonization occurs, how oral microbiome coevolves with the host, and how oral microorganisms interact with each other may be a key factor to understand diseases etiology and progression.

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Weirdnewglasses , Hi, I just got new glasses, and they look so different than any of my old glasses. Apparently they are all my insurance would get because of my prescription. My prescription is -16.50, -10.75, 120 and -19.25, -11.5,145. Lou , Hi again Hubby has commented on my change of glasses.

I decided to stick with Moscot again but this time I went with emerald green.

We report 52 cases of a unique form of gingival hyperplasia primarily affecting children and young adults. This lesion has a striking predilection for the gingiva and.… continue reading »

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Losing your teeth can damage your memory Those with fewer gnashers are less able to call past experiences. People who have lost some of their teeth perform less well.… continue reading »

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Chapter Four - The Oral Microbiome in Health and Its Implication in Oral and Systemic Diseases… continue reading »

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Welcome to Perma Laboratories EST. 1986. Home of Perma Soft, the Professional Denture Reline Kit that's Now Available for Denture Wearers in need of a Denture Reliner.… continue reading »

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Weirdnewglasses. Hi, I just got new glasses, and they look so different than any of my old glasses. The optician said they are called myodisks.… continue reading »

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