Disadvantages of uranium lead dating

18-Feb-2017 09:25

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It is not possible for anyone or any machine that uses light to actually see a proton using visible light.The wavelength of light is too large to be able to detect anything that small.

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The mass of a proton or neutron is 1.66 E -24 grams or one AMU, atomic mass unit. This number is a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a gram.Protons and neutrons have almost exactly the same mass. The electrons are outside the nucleus in electron shells that are in different shapes at different distances from the nucleus. Ernest Rutherford shot subatomic particles at a very thin piece of gold.Electrons have a mass that is about 1/1835 the mass of a proton. Most of the particles went straight through the gold.The rebounding nature of these few alpha atoms implied that perhaps the negatively charged portions were not part of the nucleus itself and that the center contained a positive portion with substantial mass.

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