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28-Nov-2017 18:50

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When The alias of the database that this database should mirror during testing.This setting exists to allow for testing of primary/replica (referred to as master/slave by some databases) configurations of multiple databases.The migration files for each app live in a “migrations” directory inside of that app, and are designed to be committed to, and distributed as part of, its codebase.You should be making them once on your development machine and then running the same migrations on your colleagues’ machines, your staging machines, and eventually your production machines.

To avoid issues around DST changes, you shouldn’t set this option for databases managed by Django.

The A dictionary containing the settings for all caches to be used with Django.

It is a nested dictionary whose contents maps cache aliases to a dictionary containing the options for an individual cache.

It should be set to a string such as to allow a POST request from a form on one subdomain to be accepted by a view served from another subdomain.

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Please note that the presence of this setting does not imply that Django’s CSRF protection is safe from cross-subdomain attacks by default - please see the doesn’t offer any practical protection because CSRF is only to protect against cross-domain attacks.

For introductory material, see the , if the request URL does not match any of the patterns in the URLconf and it doesn’t end in a slash, an HTTP redirect is issued to the same URL with a slash appended.

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