Does online dating count as cheating

18-Mar-2017 12:53

this is a significant cultural phenomenon and people should take note of this before they engage in an activity that could destroy thier marriage and destroy thier families... My friends and I were discussing it the other day and can't seem to agree.

Besides a flat out yes and no, some other answers were;-No, as long as you don't know the person in real life.-No, as long as you wouldn't do it with the person for real. OP -- cyber sex is still gonna be perceived as cheating to me.

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Yes - it's an expression of a sexual intention that does not include your declared exclusive partner. How about if someone calls one of those "900" lines?Taking things any farther will /can jeopardize your relationship. Imaging you are dating someone, and you are at his place, and while he is in the shower, you find his computer is on, and he's been having cyber-sex every day, while he wasn't with you. If the answer is not a resounding "yes", then, yes, it is, at least to you.I'd consider it cheating if in a relationship, I know I would be royally ticked off if I walked in on my partner getting off with someone online.If your partner found out about it, s/he'd be hurt the same as s/he would be if you had cheated in the flesh. Well April you brought up the masturbation aspect and I'm going to add a few ideas to this forum. Obviously with these two things there is no real physical touching but that excitment factor is there nonetheless.

I consider cyber sex as cheating when you are in a relationship.I stopped being "okay" with it, and now look at this form of contact no different than nailing some random stranger in a dark parking lot.If people have some pressing need to go beyond toys and porn, "non interactive" methods..they need to be interactive with someone other than their SO, then they should just be single and no one will be there to cast stones or ask questions.I also had a b/f who would want to call the sex chat lines to spice up our love life (We had only been seeing each other about 4 months.) He called the female on the other end of the line honey and I almost punched him in the face. Cyber Porn-addictive behavior that destroys or damages a primary relationship Phone sex lines-prostitution without STD's Cyber - Chat Sex- Cheating if you have a human that you are involved with - Masterbation if you have an object that you are involved withm. Have your fun and let your imagination run wild behind your keyboard.

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