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“I was manic for four months and I was wearing all kinds of metal things and masks and all kinds of weird stuff.

That was two years ago.” In 2013, the Cranberries singer was praised by a rape crisis support group for her “tremendous courage” in speaking out about the childhood sexual abuse she suffered.

"Stop your speech," Carlson said, cutting off his guest.

He allowed that while there are good and bad Dreamers, "more Dreamers have been busted for gang membership than have joined the military....

Carlson, snickering, termed the estimated economic benefits, which O'Rourke counted in the "tens of billions" of dollars, as "extrapolations and theoretical." But Carlson's main attack point was about O'Rourke's support for taxpayer-paid legal representation and health care, issues that are likely to come up in any debate with Cruz, who ran for president in 2016 on an immigration platform not dissimilar to Trump's. "I want to make sure that they have every opportunity to apply for asylum in this country." But, Carlson noted, most come illegally, not through refugee programs.

Very often, O'Rourke countered, they come as asylum seekers who give themselves up at the border. "Actually to get right with American law." Pivoting to O'Rourke's health care proposal, Carlson asked why taxpayers should pay the doctors' bills for immigrants who entered the country illegally.

Representative O'Rourke is confident he will beat Ted Cruz come November 2018.

Carlson, whose interviewing style often resembles mocking cross-examination, bore down on two controversial O'Rourke legislative proposals: one providing undocumented immigrants with free legal assistance to fight deportation, and another providing them with free health care.

"I don't think working on these things is mutually exclusive," O'Rourke answered, noting that he's also focused heavily on mental health care access for veterans, another important conservative constituency, particularly in Texas.

The two also debated the economic contributions of Dreamers, a central focus of the liberal argument for more open immigration policies. "It's keeping true to who we are," O'Rourke said, noting that many of those in need of help are families with children seeking refuge from "violent, brutal countries" like El Salvador.

"I'm confused by why we should pay for the health care of someone who broke our laws to get here? "I think there's an interest in making sure that if someone is going to be sick, if someone needs help, that we deliver it in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible," O'Rourke replied.

In February 2016, she was ordered to pay €6,000 to charity following an air rage incident.

The singer had previously admitted three assaults and obstructing a garda after being taken off an Aer Lingus flight from New York’s JFK on November 10, 2014. Speaking on the Billboard’s ‘Soul Sisters’ podcast, she said: “I felt when he passed away he didn’t actually leave this world fully, “I felt him around me a lot for a while.

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