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Habitats around Nujaat where we located ice grass: • top left: a sandy coastal area within the community • top right: along a gravel road • bottom left: completely submerged in a little pool on a rock outcrops (an unusual situation likely caused by excessive rain that occurred just prior to our arrival) • bottom right: at the base of a late-melting snowbed.

Ice grass plants of Naujaat: • top left: the smallest plant we collected • top middle: the largest plant we observed • right: showing off the incredible root length of one little plant • bottom left: a mixed population of bright green plants and purplish plants • bottom middle: close-up of an inflorescence (the flowering part of the plant).

Images: Samantha Godfrey © Canadian Museum of Nature We also searched frost boils (upwellings of mud) out on the tundra, a habitat more suited to snow grass, but came away empty-handed.

We continued the search for my little Arctic grasses in Naujaat (previously known as Repulse Bay), a small hamlet in Nunavut that is located directly on the Arctic Circle.

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We discovered our first population of ice grass within hours of landing in the community.

The last collection of ice grass we made in Iqaluit:• left: photographing the population• middle: a typical plant from that population• right: close-up of an inflorescence.

A large sand injectite network is very well exposed in the area of Bevons, Southeast France. The associated sandstone turbiditic channel–fill and the host marls are.… continue reading »

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The grass family, called Poaceae, is characterized by reduced floral characteristics and simple linear leaves. Pair that with frequent hybridization.… continue reading »

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