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17-Oct-2017 04:52

Let your Virgo know you love them just the way they are and you’ll get a loyal, loving partner in return.

This romantic sign is ultimately balanced and fair, and they take commitments seriously so cheating is not very likey.

But if you share your Sagittarius’ adventurous spirit and don’t cramp their freedom too much, they can be very loyal partners, indeed.

Calm, cool and collected Capricorns most often make loyal lovers, as they have the discipline and control to stop themselves from cheating -- even if strongly tempted.

Intense and private, this is the sign you’re mostly likely to accuse of cheating and find yourself wrong. Scorpio can be incredibly loyal, but they do have strong physical desires and a need for excitement. Don’t be afraid to get a little kinky and you’ll keep Scorpio forever in your bed.

Like Aries and Leo, fiery Sagittarius needs a lot of action and adventure -- and that extends to the bedroom.

That said, Taurus is also a very sensual and could be tempted to stray for the pure pleasure of it.

Keep your Taurus happy by showing how much you care, both physically and emotionally -- lots of sex, home cooked meals and notes of affection.

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If you can be a great friend to your Libra lover it will benefit your romantic relationship, too.Like Aries, Leo is another fire sign that desires drama and excitement.Plus, Leo always wants to be the center of attention and the best at everything they do -- which is why Leo lovers have such a sexy reputation.Keep your Leo satisfied by learning a few creative tricks in bed and letting them know how amazing they make you feel.

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Restless Geminis need intellectual stimulation to stay connected with their partners, so keep up your end of the conversation to keep 'em hooked. If Gemini does cheat, it's more likely to be an emotional affair than a physical one, or they may engage in an affair online via e-mails, chat rooms and sex sites that are geared to.… continue reading »

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