Get rich slowly dating

14-Mar-2017 05:15

Where the money is: Take a commission when work is successfully placed, or charge a monthly fee to either buy requests or see contact details.The mini pitch: “Yahoo Answers for website owners.” What it is: A place where website owners can pay for advice and get opinions from a wide community of experts, dabblers and end-users.Think of all the high-fliers, entrepreneurs, and other busy people out there.You could start one service for the super-rich end of the scale as well as one for other busy folks with less cash to splash.How it works: You make a request by email, text or voicemail to your online butler.

It also puts a value on your own opinions and sagely advice at long last! Perhaps it costs 25 credits for them to submit their site for community consulting.

I think there’s still space for a well-executed live auction site that makes listing and bidding super-simple.

How it works: Imagine a list of i Phones for sale — you can only bid on the one at the top, and it’s only available for minutes instead of days.

It’s no secret: great ideas make the web spin around. Here are 11 under-represented site ideas to steal today and make you rich tomorrow. Why it’s hot: More people than ever are turning to the web as a source of work.

Community-based sites and web applications are rapidly becoming hot property. Sometimes it’s very hard to find it, or very time-consuming to browse offers and make pitches.

Instead of employers posting job offers, this is a place for service providers to post requests for work.