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On this page, we will display some of the questions and answers. at the bottom of the label stand for Barth, Lutchen, and Feinberg, a major musical instrument distributor based out of New York city in the 1920s.If you prefer not to have your question displayed publicly on this page, just let us know when you write us. They sold ukuleles made by various companies, putting their own labels inside (or having the manufacturer glue in the BL&F label).Ludwig made very high quality banjo ukuleles in the late 1920s through around 1930.They are prized by banjo ukulele players still today.I picked up this old ukulele at my mother's house (we used to live in Hawaii) which says "Hawaiian Ukulele" inside with a picture of a man playing a ukulele and at the bottom says "Especially made" for and then a series of letters. It is a type of mandolin now often called a mandolinetto.These were popular in the first few decades of the 1900s.Although this page is only updated occasionally, we answer questions by email on an regular ongoing basis. I know that BL&F sold some ukuleles made by Harmony, but yours does not appear to be a product of the Harmony factory.

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I am not familiar with the Arion name in particular or German ukulele manufacturers in general.

It has a small crack, but the one string still sounds pretty good.... Winner was a brand name used by a particular instrument distributor, but I am not positive of which one.

It was most likely the Manhattan Band Instrument Co.

It's 21" long and has two patents - one pictured on the back of the headstock and one listed simply "PAT. I can't seem to find anything similar to this uke anywhere online. Your ukulele was made by the Lyon and Healy Company of Chicago, probably around 1926-1928. Lyon and Healy made very good quality instruments and the Washburn line were their best instruments. I have a couple of older Kumalae ukes and am interested to know more about the decal which has the following words in Hawaiian language: UA MAU KE EA O KA AINA I KA PONO. The logo itself is very interesting with various figures and symbols on a shield flanked by two figures who appear to be standing on a stage with curtains drawn back by other figures.

The model number "5316" is stamped on the neck block. The 5316 was one of their more basic Washburn models, but it is still a nice quality instrument. Is there any information on what the symbols mean or represent?SS Maxwell was a trademark name of Targ and Dinner, a Chicago based musical instrument distributer.T&D bought instruments from various manufacturers and sold them under their own trade names.Your ukulele was made by a major Chicago manufacturer, Regal Musical Instruments. I would estimate your ukulele was made sometime between the late 1940s and the middle 1950s based on the style of ukulele and the tuning pegs.