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05-Mar-2017 20:14

The pram arrived yesterday, it was more exciting than getting a new car!

" The couple have decided they're not going to reveal the names until they've given them to the children.

As these brand new pictures show, Josh (Eddie Eyre) finally gets fed up with his family's bad behaviour and puts Willmott-Brown in his place – even though it'll inevitably mean losing his job.

Josh tells his scheming father that he's at the end of his tether over Weyland & Co's immoral ambitions and wants nothing more to do with their evil plans.

Speaking on behalf of the Research Unit, Dr Jo Bryce commented: "If the storyline can remind one young person to protect themselves when engaging in online activity, then that can only be a positive thing.

Too many youngsters think they are immune to online risks and this storyline is a reminder that you don't always know who you're talking to online."' series producer Paul Marquess added: "This is a terrifying murder that highlights the dangers of meeting strangers online.

How will Fi feel about the argument as she watches on?

, the chemistry between Esther Bloom and Grace Black will be revisited in the show's special New Year episode.

I thought my character would commit suicide.'Referring to the taboo of the subject 16 years ago, Gary admitted that his father had reservations about the storyline: 'I spoke to mum and dad about it, and my Dad was like "oh nooo!

Despite initially being concerned about the dangers of online dating, India puts her fears aside and sets herself up with a mystery man through her computer.

Keen to stay safe, she recruits her sister Texas and friend Nancy as chaperones for their first meeting - but faces disappointment when her suitor doesn't show up as planned.

En route to the meeting point, India finds herself grabbed in a dark and empty alleyway and she is horrified when her attacker says: "Your profile didn't do you justice." The next day, India's dead body is discovered, leading to heartbreak and horror for the residents of Hollyoaks.

While devising the shock storyline, the team worked closely with the University of Central Lancashire's Cyberspace Research Unit in a bid to raise awareness of internet safety.He began by saying: "We've known for nearly a year now (about the murder).Because people know I'm having babies, they're like 'it's not you'." - but that's exactly why we needed to do it.'Discussing his character's return, Gary divulged that Luke still had to confront his traumatic past.'He sent his attacker to prison and then left the village. Basically coming back, he hasn’t dealt with those things.'Had he not had that event in his life, he would have been the lovely guy that he was.'What we're hoping is that the audience can see [who] he would have been had that not had happened and have the support he needs now to get to that point.'Gary also revealed his excitement at being reunited with his former onscreen girlfriend Sarah Jayne Dunn, who plays Mandy Richardson.