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The second longest is a year and a month, 2012-2013 for a security company. I blame my personality type, INTJ, and quit most positions without having another job lined up, so I have a lot of gaps in my employment history as well.I have been through four or more staffing agencies, but cannot hold a job long enough to get on through the companies in which they had me work.Because of their desire for complete autonomy and control over their work, they can be hell-bent on “escaping the system” or becoming financially independent so they can freely pursue their own interests.

intj male dating an infj female-68

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For this reason, selecting the “ideal” college major fresh out of high school is probably unrealistic for many INTPs.

Drenth As is often true for ENTP career-seekers, the road to a satisfying career can be a rough and rocky one for the INTP.