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13-Jul-2017 14:27

We leaned heavily on guests that Jamaicans knew but not on talk radio – figures like Luciano, the leading singer in the roots-reggae revival; the novelist (“Waiting in Vain”) Colin Channer; and the folklorist and comedienne Joan Andrea Hutchinson.

Among radio buffs, a little bragging is in order just for the talking medium itself, the warmth of the human voice, the closeness of callers we never saw.

For ourselves, we felt we’d stumbled into a wondrous intersection of an old medium (broadcast radio) and the Internet future.

Some of us want to go immediately to Singapore, or Ghana, or Zimbabwe, or India.

Would you tell me, I asked, for example, about Jamaica’s identity as the child of Africa and the British Empire, in the Caribbean family, off the superpower’s shores?

Would you tell me about post-Marley reggae and dancehall music? Naipaul’s Nobel Prize (nine years after Derek Walcott’s), could we talk about Caribbean books?

The show was long-established; our themes were our own.

Could we talk about the flawed heroism of Jamaica’s Maroons, the rebel and runaway slaves who in 1738 (nearly 40 years before the North Americans) beat the Brits into a treaty that gave them freedom and their own territory – on condition that they mercilessly chase down any new refugees from the colonial plantocracy?Our inaugural plunge dealt with prison reform because our sponsor from the Harvard Law School, Professor Charles Nesson and his Berkman Center for Internet and Society, were already studying the drive in the prisons of Kingston toward spiritual regeneration and self-management by the prisoners themselves.This was part of the substantive agenda that helped trigger our trip in the first place.Maybe you will understand the long and lovely bursts of patois that blew past me like birdsong; I learned to study the faces of our in-studio guests, and lean on them for an implied translation.

And then you may answer the larger questions on your own.We decided at the start to duck politics – starting with the reparations-for-slavery debate underway everywhere, it seemed.We would err on the side of the thematic, the cultural and the nosy.Part of the trick, and the test, would be to make engaging sense to the local broadcast audience and, equally, to Internet listeners in the States and elsewhere who tuned in live, or archivally.

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