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14-May-2017 20:17

The Raiders just beat the Jets at home, which is the NFL’s version of a homecoming game.The Falcons beat the Bears, and the Steelers and Ravens each beat the Browns.When it’s the Chiefs making the defense react, instead of the other way around, it’s the Chiefs with the advantage.Reid’s job, as much as anything, is to make sure it’s the defense reacting. Smith had a 12-yard run on a zone read that gave him the right side of the field open because the fake handoff had most of the defense going left.Travis Kelce’s touchdown on the shovel pass was incredible, the play of the day, and a beautiful example of Reid’s creativity bringing out the best in his roster’s talent.

A loss on Sunday would’ve washed so much of what the Chiefs built the week before at New England. Then, on the very next snap, the Chiefs ran Tyreek Hill in motion from right to left, then back from left to right, Smith calling for the snap just in time to flip the ball to Hill with a running start around the edge. There were several plays that stick out in making this point. After halftime, the Chiefs had 214 yards, their disadvantage at the point of attack compensated by an advantage in deception, this despite Reid going against a former assistant who was supposed to know all his secrets. They were being pushed back, outgained, and outmuscled.

At halftime against the Eagles, the Chiefs had 130 yards.Get sucked into the middle, and you risk Tyreek Hill blazing down one sideline.Get too far to Hill’s side, and you risk Kareem Hunt beating you down the other.But they have game breakers at all three levels — Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill — with a quarterback who knows the system like his own birthday and (very notably) may have found his running mojo.