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Or, perhaps most famously, Alexei Yashin's ongoing feud with Bjork in the pages of the Hockey News mailbag?Yashin held out from playing any of her music until the title of the song "All is Full of Love" was changed to "Carol Alt is Full of Love." Like all great battles, then, let's break this one down.Keshia Chanté, age 25, experienced some success as a Canadian R&B singer in the "pre-Cheechoo-Maurice Richard era." Chanté has been dating the aforementioned Ray "Rayzor" Emery for several years, so like any good Ottawa native does routinely, she decided to voice her displeasure with the Senators.So it's clear that Keshia, like her boyfriend, was ready to fight an unwilling combatant.Today we bore witness to one of these great moments, courtesy of Keshia Chanté. If you're looking for a fast breakdown of the events, the 6th Sens, also known as Ian Mendes's home page, broke down the debate yesterday.But if you're looking to see some photoshops of us beat a dead horse, you're in the right place!Describe his father's credentials as Henrik Lundqvist's goaltending guru?

It seems even when he was 14 years old he was writing tracks about his girls.

Strangely enough, she didn't even point to Emery's Stanley Cup win, which is probably wise in the end as it probably would have gone down something like this: How would Lehner respond?