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I played lead , curtis wrote the songs and your dad really made them come alive with his sax. I also sang with pete veccioni down boobby burgers place. He signed contract with the late Irving Micahnik (who was Del Shannon’s manager and later Chubby Checker’s manager). If anyone wants to share a story or some photos of Roger Pace, please contact me at [email protected]– Thanks!I worked with Roger in 1964, after he played a week in The Bowery.Apparently the Paesch family was not in the music business. for I did not know the next few years would be all that we would have together.Roger’s father was a crane operator and his grandfather worked for a whiskey distillery, according to the 19 censuses and also their pre-WWII draft registration cards. A few short years, but the most wonderful, yes filled w/ ups and downs…Want to create this year’s Fantasy Fest Official T-shirt and Poster?

In addition to fronting the band, Roger played several instruments including saxophone and drums.

However, this can not be verified because in the 1930’s most vaudeville shows were closed. According to Roger’s aunt Patricia, John and Thelma, Roger’s parents loved to dance, especially the jitterbug.

But she didn’t know if Thelma’s family were in vaudeville.

The ideas are endless, so roll the dice on your favorite game to play and meet us in Key West for a game worth playing!

Fantasy Fest is an annual 10-day party in paradise for grown-ups.

i sang for ten years in JEROMES in the combat zoon across the street from where roger sang. he was magic to watch.i worked really hard in those years, but roger worked seven nights and sat.& sun. would have a set of shots waiting for us…SLAM…then back to the stage. would that be the former sun company of canada, a very talented group led by a very pretty blonde girl and an extremly talented short fellow. Shortly after I was born I moved to Puerto Rico with my Grandmother but when I moved back here I met my father and was with him from 1985-1987.