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Bush's christening of the Nimitz-class vessel recently, called 'unstoppable' 'unshakeable,' is curiously ironic considering that the continents actually float around, and that Scaninavia is literally (physically and altitudinally) rising.

There is also interesting resonance with the chechen teen-age warrior Scythian burial, in that the youth was placed in the fork of a tree. Dillner, Elisabet) This article contains a photo of Lisa's smojtra which sports a fylfot embellishment.

The picana-phallus metonymically represented the Junta's desire for the power it lacked, a desire that was ritually satisfied through the repetitive enactment of a psychosexual drama during torture.

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In this New York Times article, we take a look at the psychoanalytical aspects of Putin's statement on Islamic circumcision: 'His gaffes have become a small canon. Two years later, at a news conference in Brussels, a French reporter asked him a pointed question about Chechnya. Putin suggested that the reporter might want to become a radical Islamist, and invited him to Moscow for a circumcision, saying he could recommend a procedure so that nothing would grow back.' (Chivers CJ, A Journalist's Revelations, in Life and in Death, New York Times, Sunday, October 15, 2006, The World, p.

In 2000, Larry King asked him about what happened to the Kursk, a submarine that under mysterious circumstances had ended up diasbled on the sea bed with its entire crew dead. 4: Chill Wind in Moscow) 'The desire to assault an enemy's masculinity was expressed more recently in fantasies of the Mc Carthy era, one report claiming that Manhattan Project spy Klaus Fuchs 'had betrayed the secret of a 'hormone ray' that had the potential to 'feminize' enemy troops.' In more literal and gruesome expressions of the same phenomenon, castration was one of the prevalent motifs of torture in Guatemala during the early 1980s, and in 'dirty war' Argentina (or, at least, in the fantasy of the one torturer who mentioned it) (desaparecidos[italics]) were likewise castrated on occasion. Considered through a Christian overlay, however, the symbolic emphasis of castration stresses not the detachability of the phallus from victims who have it but rather a stylization of victims (as the phallus itself[italics]). section=cnn_latest Anon., 9.3.2006 Muss die Welt akzeptieren, das Maedchen von den Besatzern oder ihren Milizen entfuerht und vergewaltig werden?

The evil ('subversion,' sexuality) appended to and defiling the (corpus mysticum [italics]) was castrated from the social body during ritual 'surgery' in the (quirofano[italics]) to prevent 'that thy whole body be cast into hell.' At the same time, recalling the discussion of the King's Two Bodies in Chapter 3, the (corpus reipublicae mysticum[italics]) was the Junta's body: When 'dirty war' torture castrated the desaparecidos-as-phallus from this corpus, it carried the symbolic meaning of the Junta's own self-emasculation, its own disempowering. Does the world have to accept that girls are kidnapped and raped by the Besaztern or their militias?

Note the resonance with 'controlling shot.' 'What most characterizes the phallus as a symbol of soveriegn power 'and reappears in all its figurative embodiments is its status as a detachable and transformable object ([60] Laplanche and Pontalis, The Language of Psychoanalysis, p.

313), its transferability from one subject to another.The Yukchin area, north of the Chinese-North Korean border....directly challenged the Chinese view that the kingdom is an integral part of Chinese history....It came to compete with China on an equal basis.' Nakh Hebrew Ta.How many non-Islamics have ever read the Prophet's passages on non-representation? After exhaustive chemical and radiation tests, authorities with the Moscow-backed government announced that the culprit was not poisoning, but a form of mass hysteria...their children had become living specimens of what it means to grow up with the constant threat of violence and chronic joblessness and poverty.' Chechnya Video Report (October, 2006) '.... Chechnya name-change to Nokhchiin is here compared to North-Korean Yukchin dialect and region: Proposed Chechnya Name Change