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For nearly three decades, Harbin, located in northeastern China, has been the site of an entire city sculpted from ice and snow.

The crystal structures that adorn the festival stand aglow at night for tourists from around the world.“For years, the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival has become the world’s most important winter tourist destination and photographers’ paradise,” according to the festival’s website.

“The Fairbanks event, the BP World Ice Art Championships, has grown to a month-long attraction involving over 70 teams from all over the world,” according to the exhibit’s website.

Since its foundations, the competition has featured artists from at least 44 countries.

For 2015, the theme is “While frozen in the ice and snow, we dream of vacations on which to go.” “The artists are actually part of student organizations,” Michigan Tech’s Blue Key Honor Society President Andrew Conley said, adding that 54 sculptures have been constructed for the 2015 event.

However, the official opening of the event occurs on Jan. According to Accu Meteorologist Jim Andrews, the average temperatures for February are well below freezing, allowing the structures to remain intact.

Even though many people living in the Northern Hemisphere are patiently awaiting Old Man Winter’s springtime departure, others around the globe, from northeast China to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, are taking time to celebrate the winter season with elaborate ice and snow sculptures, along with other annual wintertime traditions.