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And the other thing is just to let people know the vast extent of the problem," Saviano said.

"We hope that it will inspire other survivors who have not yet found the courage to come forward to tell somebody, whether it's their therapist or a parent.

"She wanted to know, ' What did I wear in 2001 [when the investigation took place]? I mean early on we talked about: We don't have two protagonists here, we have six. (John Slattery) aren't the only real-life people portrayed in the film.

"We spent hours together, eating dinner, taking walks, phone calls, email exchanges," Pfeiffer said of her work with Mc Adams. But I think because of the subject matter and because of what we feel about the subject matter and about journalism, frankly, we really wanted to not put any bells and whistles on this and not give it the standard Hollywood treatment, if you will. No, we're going to go through all of the twists and turns, so I think trying to present it as it happened in actuality was incredibly important." The team, rounded out by Walter "Robby" Robinson (Michael Keaton), Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber) and Ben Bradlee Jr.

It really helps to talk about it and get it out in the open.

TBH, we thought we'd need some cheering up after the Roy Moore election. Related: The Internet Reacts To Accused Child Molester Roy Moore Losing!

We can't help but wonder if that was Mark Ruffalo's plan as well because on Wednesday morning he took to Twitter to drop some ultra adorable pics courtesy of director Gia Coppola.

that he couldn't have made it this far without the support of his late, younger brother Scott, a married hairdresser.

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And as they prepared to portray reporters searching for answers, the actors investigated the journalists. "I never met with Mitchell but I was able to look at video of him on the Internet, press conferences he had done with the victims and organizations that helped the victims and read transcripts and things like that," Tucci said, adding that he was impressed with "the fact that [Garabedian] never gave up. I mean that's incredible." Even victim Phil Saviano, who's worked to help others who were abused and was a key part of "It was really a collaboration, truly, because I was sort of letting him into my life story and my emotional experiences," Saviano said.

How lucky is Sunrise Coigney to have been married to the Avengers superstar Mark Ruffalo.

How does Sunrise Coigney live her life as Mark Ruffalo wife?

As much as I could soak him up seemed to be the most important part." James, meanwhile, spent time with his real-life counterpart, Matt Carroll, in New York. "I think it was odd for him to be on the other side of receiving questions as opposed to asking them, so I was very aware of that and that was one more piece of information that I was able to absorb." While Mc Adams wasn't at the movie's New York screening Tuesday night, the reporter she played, Sacha Pfeiffer, was, along with many other that she was impressed by how Mc Adams really did her homework. "You know, look, it's a movie, so there's that context. Are we going to try to reduce it and simplify it for the audience?

"What we were really trying to do was capture how it happened as accurately as possible," Singer said, explaining that they tried to closely adhere to the truth."Neal, as my character, makes a point of how the victims are not just boys, they're not just altar boys, there are a lot of women victims.So part of the film is educating the general public about some of the misconceptions that are out there."His charm, his spirit, his sense of humor, his daring. "You never get over it; you just get used to it," he said, referring to his brother's death.

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